The Flower Girls

The inspiration fairy struck, so I'd like to present to you Chapter 2 of Mothers and Daughters. Meet the Flower Girls of Rose River...
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  1. updates are exciting. i do like the flower girls! what era are we in, now, though? i can't believe joy and cecilia have daughters as old as they once were.

  2. geeruby Says:

    We're skipping around. In the first story about Cecilia's wedding day, it was only a few months after the end of WWII. The story about Joy's daughters takes place almost 19 years after that! So I guess it's well into the 1960s, although it's weird to think of Anne characters living in those "modern" times. It's a good thing Prince Edward Island is so isolated and unique so the feel can be wholesome even then. Does that make sense?

    I plan on skipping around a lot...this story is going to show key interactions between mothers and daughters and they won't always happen linearly. The next story will be shortly after WWII again, I think.

  3. I feel like Joy. It's a little sad to think of Anne's Great-Granddaughters being grown! I like Poppy (note to self don't misspell Poppy and make it Poopy.) She's a lot like Anne - the diamond in the ruft.

    Jake Penhallow reminds of Mr. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, complaining about the lack of women with sense! Rose and Daisy somewhat make me think of Cinderella's step-sisters, though not nearly as bad.

    A Methodist Minister?! Miss Cornelia's probably rolling in her grave with the descendant of such respectable Presbyterian families possiblty marrying a Methodist!

    I can't wait for the next chapter.

  4. geeruby Says:

    I was going for a sort of Pride and Prejudice vibe. I'm glad you noticed!

    It is sort of sad to think of time passing, but I prefer to think of it as being comforting that the family is still so close, so together, and so "Anne-ish," after so much time!

    Glad you're back, Adrienne! (I just named one of my Sims's children Adrienne.)

  5. Thanks, and oh no. My first namesake! BTW, I liked your comment about the flip flops at your blog. I wholeheartedly agree. Cold, weather-chapped feet are so not attractive.

  6. iffie21 Says:

    oooh- ruby- what version of sims do you have?

  7. geeruby Says:

    THANK you, Adrienne! I'm glad someone else feels the same way. One of my friends saw it and was like, "You'll have to pry my flipflops off my cold, dead feet." And I said, "Well, they will be cold."

    Iffie: I have Nightlife! It's awesome. I put pictures of my Legacy challenge up at but I haven't updated in a few days.

  8. Last weekend, when we were trout fishing in VERY cold weather, there were these kids running around barefoot and in shorts at the resort. We made comments about their need for decent parents. Turns out they were a Senator's kids.

    I've always wanted to play Sims, but I haven't.

  9. geeruby Says:

    It's SO fun. It's addicting. Such a good game. My current thing is a Legacy start with one Sim, adn keep the family going for 10 generations!

    That's so funny about the Senator's kids! Poor things!