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Beatle Chic, I've never been too fond of modern versions of Montgomery's works. However, yours is very interesting, and I like it. Why did you ever decide to place the story of Gilbert and Anne in the modern day?

Also, could you explain why and how you came up with the character of Kelly?
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  1. Beatle Chic Says:

    It's funny that you should ask that. I guess it all stems from the fact that Anne & Gilbert's romance is endearing and sounds like one you would see or hear about--either in real life or in the movies. I've been an Anne fan since I was 14, so I suppose the idea started years ago. A few years ago (back in college some time), I had the idea for a modern day tale, but after reading some rather "interesting" modern Anne stories decided against it, fearing I wouldn't do it justice. Then one night last winter I had a reoccurring vision. This vision is the basis for my last two chapters of my story, which I felt I needed to write out. After working that out, I decided to start writing a back story to that, explaining how they got from point A to point B. I guess another reason I decided to make it modern was that we could relate to it more. I think it's easier to write about the here and now than about past. (Gosh, I can't believe I just said that! And I even have a minor in history! Oy, I think I'm running a fever!)

    As for the creation of Kelly Blythe, I had always wondered about Gilbert's relations and thought it would be a nice little way for me to incorporate myself into the story. A character who is familar w/ both Anne & Gilbert and all the drama that goes w/ it. LMM never went into detail about his relatives, so that was my creative angle in.

    And here's bonus answer (as to why I put songs into my story) . . .
    I use music in my story to help define a moment for the characters. If you think about it, certain songs can take you back to a different time--be it happy, sad, bittersweet, akward, funny, whatever. Music is the link to our memories. Let's face it--we all have songs that remind us of Jr. High or High School or our first kiss, or going to baseball games, etc. I just took that idea and used it for my story. I think it adds to the mood.

    Anyway, thanks for asking your questions, Adrienne!