It seems like action has died down on our blog for the time being, which is understandable as we're all busy with work and school, etc. I come here selfishly today to beg you to please update!! Everyday I have at least 40 pages of dry material to read for law school, on tiny procedural details, and I have to take frequent breaks to preserve my poor brain. I would love to read some LMM fanfiction to take the boring taste of Torts or CivPro out of my mouth! But no one is updating! Please preserve your friend Ruby.

I have about one more (possibly two) chapters of Rilla-my-Rilla. I have to make myself write them...I've found that I dislike writing the last chapters of a story because 1) it makes me sad to think it's coming to a close and 2) I'm always deathly afraid that I will forget some important aspect that I meant to cover! Every night before I go to sleep I think for a bit about my Marilla stories, and I have them pretty much planned out entirely. It's just a question of writing them.

Questions for you, though: In my imaginings, Marilla is quite unlike the practical, sensible, imaginationless person she is in the Anne books. Do you think it's reasonable that when Marilla was young she was more humourous and carefree and life sort of took that away from her? That's how I plan on portraying her...a lot of sad things are going to happen in her life. But it will be ultimately uplifting.

Also, does anyone know Gilbert Blythe's mother's name? Is it ever mentioned in the Anne books? I know some of you have said her name was Elizabeth. A lot of other people seem to think it is Mary. I have scoured the books and haven't found I missing something?

xo Ruby
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  1. lovejag Says:

    I'm sorry that I haven't updated. Poor health and work have been keeping me either busy or not conscious enough to try to write decently. Plus I'm stuck on inspiration for my story. I'm at an in between point of the story and I'm struggling to get to the next point without hurrying it.

    As for Marilla I think you are right in your imaginings. I think we see some of her humor especially later on in the books. I think once Anne grew up and after Matthew died she freed up more because she didn't feel like she had to be always in charge.

    Mary is the name I usually think of Gilbert's mother's name, but can't prove it.

  2. I also hate writing the last chapters of a story because I hate to see it end. My biggest problem in writing right now is that I've forgotten what facts I have already stated and then I'm having to fix discontinuity.

    I think that it is very likely that circumstances made Marilla more rigid and such. She probably had a tendancy to be that way to begin with, and things like her estrangment from John Blythe probably hightened that.

    I don't really know Gilbert's mother's name. I think that I just made up Elizabeth because I have a fondness for that name.

    As for my own fics: well, here's a link to a personal blog conversation the ingridfinn and I had last night regarding Comfort and Joy.

    As for the other two fics, I'm trying to work on Comfort and Joy first so I won't be quite so strung out. It's not working too well though. Again, I keep thinking of scenes for other fics - those set AFTER Of Blythes, Fords, and Merediths, but I don't want to write those until I've finished the ones I've got. Also, the time factor is a major stumbling block. I do have all of the things that I have been working on - including my Gilly chapter of OBF&M - uploaded to my briecase at Yahoo so I can work on it at work(as if I ever have time!). However, it doesn't look like it wants to be shared. I'll upload them to my personal blog sometime (so as to save space here) if you're that desperate to read something. My briefcase address is but it doesn't seem to work right.

  3. Beatle Chic Says:

    I've tried looking up Gilbert's mother's name before too, but I believe LMM didn't christian her w/ one. She's always known as "Mrs. John Blythe." So, I think we've all taken creative liberties and given her one. I've always seen her as (Margaret) Maggie Blythe, but that's b/c it's a family thing in my g-ma's family. But, if she really DOES have a first name by LMM, please share where you found it! :)

  4. There is something to be said for our own personal drought - whatever the reasons. I'm noticing some new authors contributing their own fanfics. Some of them seem very promising.

  5. iffie21 Says:

    yes, we have hit a dry spell. But I am going to post the next COI chapter later today- so look for it and Bruce's suprise---it is a very interesting suprise that I am sure you never thought of! hehe, I don't think that Gil's mother has a first name mentioned in any of the books--so make one up for yourself. (I tried to find it a few months ago and i realized that there was n't one)