I've just noticed that we have a new post on the chatterbox. This one is asking when there will be another post of "Another Day Without You." I'm not the author, so I can't answer for her. However I will mention that as the summer ends, and the school-year gets on its way, it seems that we've hit a lull in writing. There are several ff's that have gone MIA. However, we must be understanding and patient. Usually patience pays off with wonderful new chapters as soon as everyone is able to work on them.

I miss the above mentioned fic as well as many others. I hope that we all get back in the swing of things soon, and if we can't it's understandable. We can't be like John Meredith and stay lost in daydreams and books, unfortunatley.
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  1. Beatle Chic Says:

    I'm currently working on a couple of chapters for my story, finally. Work's been crazy since the new kiddos came into the room and getting things prepared for them and whatnot. I think as soon as everyone's into the swing of things we'll start to see updates. But, that's my status. Hope everyone is doing well!

  2. iffie21 Says:

    sorrry... I been busy with school and work. Plus, I've just started a new type of training and its been a little nuts but it'll get better.