Here's an interesting topic -- and one that's a bit sacrilegious to an LMM fan. What don't you like about certain LMM characters? For instance, I don't like Emily's weird infatuation with Teddy. I think he treats her poorly, and I can't accept her feelings for him. It bothers me that Anne stopped having scrapes and adventures after AoI -- why couldn't LMM have showed us that she was grown up but still have her be Anneish? Instead she is a placid, wise mother-figure and that bothers me!

I've never been able to really accept Kilmeny or Jane as true LMM heroines. Kilmeny because she is so removed and distant, and Jane because she seems so weak and lacking in imagination.
Overall, I love all LMM's characters, but just like people we love, they have their flaws.

Maybe I'm just rambling. So late!
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  1. iffie21 Says:

    I don't really like Kilmeny--you are never close to her or completely able to understand her. At first I thought it was because the story is from Eric's point of view, but then in the Story Girl, I could understand her even though Bev is telling the story.

    I think that Jane gets more courage at the end of the book-- I mean she walks past the cow and takes a lion to a barn.

    I don't particulary like Dean Priest. I think he is a little creepy.

    I don't know if I like Pat or not-- I haven't read anything but the first three chapters but I can't get in it enough to continue..

    I agree-- I don't like that Anne was so unAnneish after AoI-- I would have thought that she would have had crazy adventures in RV and ROI as well. (Maybe you should write some where she does Ruby!! :)

  2. To be honest, Susan Baker wore on my nerves a bit. Like Anne thought when Gilbert first hired her, she seemed an outsider. I grew more used to her, but I thought that a lot her scenes could have featured Gilbert or Anne instead.

    Jane seemed a bit bland to me as well.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Ilse always got on my nerves, but like Mary Vance, even though they are mostly annoying, I love them anyway.

    It always bothered me that Dean Priest was so possesive of Emily, he was definetly creepy.

    I am currently reading "The Story Girl" and at times it is a bit disconcerting. I realize it is from Bev's point of view, but sometimes I am convinced he is really a girl with all of his flowery language. The line about "...rapture swelling in our bosoms" struck me as hilarious. I would expect that phrase to come out of Anne's mouth. LOL

    I realize that motherhood can settle some people down but I missed Anne's scrapes, they added so much spice to the stories.

  4. iffie21 Says:

    well Bev is writing the story but years and years later when he is an old man.

  5. Rachel Says:

    ah, I suppose that explains a bit, but I wouldn't think a man would be so flowery either. LOL It's just funny to me.

  6. geeruby Says:

    Dean is definitely creepy. Adrienne, I've often felt the same way about Susan! She grew on me, but I definitely resented her at first. And I used to feel bad for Anne, especially in RoI -- Susan did the cooking and cleaning -- what did Anne have?

    One other thing that always kind of irked me was that Diana Barry always seemed so less intelligent than Anne. I always wished she was smarter.

  7. you're right, ruby, this is a sacriligious topic. :) it makes me *wince* to hear some of the characters i love get clapper-clawed.

    i love Pat. i love Jane, too - i think her mirror, moon and imaginary garden with Jody testifies her imagination. I think she's creative mentally and physically (in keeping house.)

    i love Ilse, and i was always glad Emily was the only heroine who had a constant love - teddy - as opposed to Anne and Pat's blindness to their beaux.

    i resented Susan at first, too, though. and Mary Vance as well.

    i never liked Douglas Starr - he was too dreamy to seem real to me.

    i feel like we never got to know Jerry.

    i wish Marigold had a bosom friend.

    i missed Diana at first in AHoD, but i liked Leslie enough after many rereadings that i unconsciously replaced her with Diana, too. the Anne-Diana friendship seems unreal and too perfect to me, now.

  8. iffie21 Says:

    I wish Marigold had a bosom friend too!

    I don't like that Diana wasn't as smart as Anne, as well.

    Diana and Anne's friendship was a little too perfect

  9. Blythetwin Says:

    I agree about resenting Susan. I often wondered about what Anne did all day when the children were older and Susan still did all the housework....

    I also agree about the Anne/Diana friendship being too perfect. Do you guys wonder if Diana ever resented Anne? I can't imagine she didn't.

  10. Well, I believe that Anne did a lot of work for the war effort in RoI. Before that, it probably took both Anne and Susan to raise the six children. Housework was a much more difficult thing that we're faced with today - and they probably kept things much neater!

    I like to use my imagination and think that Anne still wrote in her free time.

    As for the relationship of Anne and Diana - I think that Diana was Anne's first friend, and there was a great deal of loyalty there. I think Phil Gordon was a better friend at times. Poor Diana wasn't given much of a chance because her family didn't believe in giving her a higher education. In the words of Ruby via the Cecillia stories, I think Diana was more prose to Anne's poetry. It wasn't that she wasn't as smart, just in a different way. They fit as friends because they complimented each other.

  11. Oh, I love Jane. Next to Valancy, she's definatly my favorite LMM heroine. (She does remind me insanely of myself.) She's so spunky, and she always felt the most real of LMM's heroines to me.

    I hate to say it, but most of the characters in the Pat series annoyed me (ditto to many in The Tangled Web, Donna, Peter, and Joscelyn in particular). Especially Pat herself. There was many a time I wanted to give her a little wake-up call. But then I know I would probably like her as a person, I mean LMM kept talking about how she always made people laugh, but she was always so depressed it got on my nerves.

    Dean Priest always reminded me of a pedifile. Yeah. And, I don't know why, but I always had this amazing amount of affection for Teddy very few seem to have.

    But I have to say that there are so few of her characters that I dislike, or so many that I love anyway: Barney Snaith, Phillipa Gordon, Miss Corneilia, Ilse, Perry, Paul Irving, Andrew Stuart....the list goes on and on.

    I guess the moral of the story is that however much annoyed one gets with LMM's characters, you can't help but get caught up in the charm of her books.

  12. geeruby Says:

    I still love Jane even more than any other character in any other book, even if she is my least fave LMM character! It's like saying butter pecan is my least favorite ice cream -- but I like all ice cream better than any other dessert!

    Dean Priest did creep me out at times. I tried to tell myself that he was attracted to Emily's dreaminess and wonder and wanted to own that the same way that an art collector wants to own beautiful paintings. Rather than think of him as being physically attracted to her when she was so young.

    I love Pat, but about halfway into Mistress Pat, round about the Twelfth Year or so, you do *really* want to shake her. The first time I read the book I got NO satisfaction out of the ending because I was so worn out with Pat's ceaseless inability to see her feelings toward SPOILER

    Jingle. I always resented, too, that LMM made Nan so much more appealing than Di, especially in AoI. She's dreamy and imaginative and Di is practical (gasp!) and easily bullied by Jenny Penny and duped by Delilah. In RoI, Nan gets the guy, AND its mentioned that Nan is prettier. What gives, there?

    At times I was sad that Rilla had no educational aspirations. I felt that a child of Anne should behave differently -- but by the end of RoI I got over it, because Rilla is so lovable.