Writing, Thinking, Wondering...

Well, I have a good start on the next chapter on "Nan," so that'll
probably be the next fic I update. The next chapter of BF&M will
feature Gilly Ford as per Ruby's request - I just am trying to come up
with something for him to do. The next chapter of "Comfort and Joy" is
slowing beginning to spin around in my head. The /*flash */has
arrived. Too bad that nasty thing called work keeps getting in the way.

In other notes, I am posting a request that Terreis update "Back to
Green Gables" soon, or at least say hello again. You've done it before,
and I hope you shall again. Ruby, Ingridfinn, and I miss your updates,
and I'm sure we're not the only ones.... I hope that's incentive to
spark your muse. "Back to Green Gables" was probably the first LM
Montgomery fic I ever read and liked, so don't give up on it now, it's
too good!

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  1. iffie21 Says:

    I really do love it! Adrienne-- I am really excited about the new Nan chapter! :)