Our Group Fic

I was having a chat with Ruby tonight which I ended rather abruptly, (I
apologize by the way) and I realized that no one has updated the group
fic in a while. Do we have any takers? If we need to, I'll repost the
first two chapters tomorrow, unless someone does before I can.

For those who are wondering, I survived the wedding. I was very nice
and signed everything with my given name. I did however, help decorate
the getaway car. I owe the groom for vaseline that is still on our
truck 19 months later! It was interesting, but it's over now. It is
great to be home, and it's great to be back here! I read some of my
emails while I was away, but it's not like have direct access to
everything. I really missed it all.


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  1. lovejag Says:

    I just remembered the scene I was thinking of doing. I probably won't be able to get to it until Tuesday at the earliest unless I get antsy to write and make time.