Stupid, Irritating, Disabled!

You know, it is very irritating when you wish to review several chapters and possibly add some of your own only to find that you can't because once again, is down. There, I've had my little rant.

I love the two new chapters of "Rilla-my-Rilla." My in-laws visited this weekend, and we made plans to go to a minor league baseball game last night (which we left early due to the electricity going out at the stadium - known on the Travlers home page as "The Night the Lights Went Out in Little Rock.) So, I've not had time to finish reading until now. I must say, that I can't wait to read what comes next.

In "The Harbour Light," I'm glad to see that you haven't abandoned it. I like it far too much. It's hard to decide what to do with our works, especially when we are out own worst critics. Well not maybe our worst, LOL!

I think that those are the only new posts that I haven't reviewed. Well, maybe we'll be able to log on to tomorrow. Until then....
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