I was wondering where everyone does the majority of their writing? Do you type it on the computer or scratch it with pen and paper? Do you like to listen to any type of music, or does it have to be completley quiet? Do you like to write inside or outside?
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  1. Beatle Chic Says:

    I normally do it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper. Then edit it, type it, print it out, edit again until I'm satisfied with it, then I'll post it. Sometimes I'll listen to music other times not. Although, the music I listen to sometimes inspires me with a mood I'm trying to create for a scene. I can write either inside or outside. . .I get ideas from either place. Guess that's just part of my easy-going nature. :)

  2. geeruby Says:

    I usually sit down with my laptop on my terribly uncomfortable couch and try a few first lines until I hit my flow. Then I write it all in one fell swoop and upload it.

    I used to do the majority of my writing at work, before I started working from home!

    My one stipulation is that I CANNOT have my husband in the room. He's a "real" writer and terribly intimidating. Also, at times, I feel like other people see writing fanfics as this dorky thing to do -- and I don't want them to judge me!

    I plan most of my stories in the "splendid half hour of daydreaming," as Anne says, in RoI before I go to sleep. I think over plots and characters and when I wake up I am full of ideas.

  3. I have a hard time writing around my husband too! Especially last weekend when I was trying to pound out a few chapters of both my fics in progress. I only ended up with one.

    I don't really have time here at work, or the quiet to write well. I do the majority of my writing at home on my pc. I try to write as much as I can in between the time I get home from work and when my husband does.

    I don't want others judging me either, and my husband does intimidate me. A lot of the time, he sits behind me in our computer room on his laptop or playing his guitar (sometimes poorly).

    If I'm alone, I sometimes like to listen to movie soundtracks or soft music like Jim Brickman. I can't really get into the mood for writing while listening to more modern music.

    Other times, I take my binder where I keep printouts of most of my ff's and even the reviews because they inspire me, downstairs to the couch.

    I also like to take it to the lake. My ideal place to write is on a porch, so when we buy a house, it will have to have one!

  4. Rachel Says:

    I used to write everything on paper but when I get great ideas I tend to write too quickly and it hurts my wrist and hand. So now I write everything on the computer because my fingers can keep up with my brain.

    LOL, I also can't write around my husband. He tends to hover and wants to know what I am doing. I am always afraid my writing won't pass his test because I think he is a genius in that department. We actually met in an english class and would always critique each others work but it was so much easier to show my work to him when we weren't dating or married. :)

    If I listen to any music while I am writing it can only be classical, anything with words is too distracting for me.

    While I was at school my favorite places were a quiet, hidden corner in the library or some quiet place outside, there is nothing more inspiring then nature. I can't write when others are around so now it is mostly at home when Brandon is away.

    The best ideas come to me while I am waiting to fall asleep and even sometimes during the middle of the night. A teacher once suggested to us that it is good to keep a notebook by your bed to write your ideas out so you won't forget them by morning.

  5. And what do you write about rachellynne? Is it anything you'd like to share or personal?

  6. geeruby Says:

    I met my husband in English class, too! American literature from 1864 to the present.

    Occasionally I will tell James about a nice review I got, but I refuse to let him read my stories. He likes LMM and we've read the books together a few times, and he's cool with naming our daughter Anne when I have one, but I don't want him to think I'm completely obsessed (which I AM, probably).

  7. Rachel Says:

    I have written some short fanfiction focusing on the Blythe/Meridith kids post ROI, but I am not happy enough with it to share it at this point. If I can only get a little more time I will be happy to share it. :) I need to have tons of time to devote because I like to get the historical aspects right, without them stories tend to be lacking.

    Right now I am just working on getting the general ideas down so that when I have the time I can really work on them. I have ideas for Diana because I have always wanted to know more about her and also some for Emily because I wasn't too fond of how that series ended.

    But I am always writing something whether it's stuff going on around me or original fiction.

    Ruby, that's neat that your husband would read LMM, not many men are brave enough. :) I think Brandon is highly amused by my liking of LMM, I am always re-reading her books. I have read passages to him that I find especially funny but he won't read the books (that I know of, in the past I have talked about certain books and he has read them on the sly to find out why I like them so much) but he has watched the first 2 Anne movies with me. Sometimes when I am being silly I will say something Anne-ish and he will laugh and ask if "Anne inspired that."

  8. I love my husband dearly, but alas we did not meet in an English Class. We met at a summer job four years ago. We are alike in many ways, but Bart does not read books much. He reads magazines and things on the internet all the time, but not books. I think he'd read my stuff if I let him, but I don't want him to make fun of it.

    This is my hobby like he enjoys geocaching, guitar, and basketball. I like Anne sort of the way he likes a certain country musician. (I don't really like much country music, but I've learned to tolerate and even appreciate it.) I have taught him to appreciate Gilmore Girls.

    I doubt we ever have a daughter named Anne, but have discusses a Loralei.

  9. faerie Says:

    Hi all =) just stumbled upon this blogspot today and couldn't help but join in on the discussion.

    This is faerie5 here - I also write LMM fanfic. I also have can't write with other people around cause I'm afraid they might think writing fanfics I little weird... that's why it's great to find kindred spirits like this =)

    I usually write my drafts out on a notebook and then transfer them to my computer - they usually undergo a lot of changes and fine-tuning when they make it to my pc. But one thing I get so obssessive about it writing character profiles and chapter outlines and notes in a separate notebook. Its funny, but its like I need to know the complete history of the character, even if I'm never going to include it in the fanfic. Does any of you ever do that? =)

  10. I do it somewhat with characters that I've created. I don't want to be accused of not "fleshing" my characters out enough. If I don't put it in writing, then I just try to remember certain traits and so on. I DO like for them to have a complete history. I've done that a lot in my own non-ff works.