Adapting fanfics

I know Louise is doing it and I haven't been having any luck lately with my other writing so I thought I would try it: I am currently adapting my Bertha story into an original three-part series! It's flowing a lot more easily than I ever thought it would, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Louise, do you mind me borrowing the idea?

I'm going to set the books on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the mid-1930s through WWII. The Outer Banks were actually very important in the war (see Torpedo Junction) and I've spent a lot of time there so it seemed like a good place to set the reboot. The basic premise is this: Bertha is now Ruby Lee Daly, who lives at the village lighthouse with her father, who is the lighthouse keeper. The first half of the planned first book explores her life in the small fishing village and her writing, which she does in the journal in which she writes her thoughts. Jordan Gray (I'm keeping the name) comes in when he nearly drowns in a squall and Ruby spots him and thus saves him. They start writing and continue writing as Ruby goes away from home for school and then as he goes overseas during WWII. Eventually he takes the role of Ruby's journal and she writes her thoughts to him as things around her change.

A lot is different about this story (Ruby has less of a family -- it's just her and her father and the other lighthouse staff) but I hope a lot will be the same, too. I like the idea of friends writing to each other without ever having seen each other, being connected without ever having met, and then falling in love through letters.

So far I have about 10,000 words of the first book and Jordan hasn't even made it onto the scene so it's early days but I am excited and wanted to share with you ladies. :)

Louise, how is Winds of Song going? Adrienne, I am loving your Frozen fix and need to catch up on the latest chapters and review properly!

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  1. Louise Bates Says:

    Oh Cathy, that's so exciting! I love the sound of it. I also love that you renamed Bertha as Ruby - a nod to your penname?

    I'm about 15,000 words into WoS. It really took off when I decided to combine Gwen's story and Meggie's story. It kept getting bogged down in sentimentality before, and didn't have any kind of inciting incident or ANYTHING to drive the plot - it just meandered. Now, it's actually going somewhere, and I'm having a blast with it.

  2. I just wrote out a huge comment, then accidentally hit "Sign Out" rather than "Publish." I'll get to this again later.

  3. I love the idea of adapting your Bertha fics. Every good book has been influenced by another good book that came before it. So, why not? I know I can't wait to read WoS! I know that I also have thought about doing the same with Comfort & Joy.

    The thing is, I know from writing this silly little Frozen fic that I can't really commit to something big like that until after L is in school. I get what little writing I do done while she is napping most of the time, and after she is in bed. That said, I have not been editing as well as I should. I don't really care with the Frozen fic, because I know that it's still written far better than most out there. It's my just what I'm using to exercise my creativity.