WW1 Research

I just thought I'd share this great site with you all so you can use it for research for stories or just for interest. It's a database of journals of Canadian WW1 soldiers and you can narrow them down by time period or batallion...
And there's also a database of the attestment papers of the recruits. I love "What is your trade and/or Calling?", "Girth when fully expanded".... hehe. It really hits you though to see how young they all were.
hey there's even a James M Blythe
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  1. That's weird about James M Blythe, but also kinda interesting and intriguing.

  2. kslchen Says:

    I also found a Kenneth K. Ford (he had dark hair and grey eyes and lived in Ontario, just like 'our' Ken) and an the names 'Thomas Meredith' and 'Fred(erick) Arnold' appeared several times, too.