I subscribed to this blog a while ago, but never actuall posted anything. Encouraged by adriennelane's post from Freburary 02 I thought I could introduce myself. I'm fifteen and from Germany (therefore my English is far from perfect) and I enjoy reading and writing fanfiction. I think I read most of your fanfiction and have written a good amount myself (mostly Harry Potter, but a few LMM as well).

They're written in german, but a while ago I decided to translate one of my LMM-FFs (with the help of my beta-reader Fragipanigirl/ Rilla-my-Rilla): It's called 'Every new Day' and you can read it on ff.net.

My beta is currently working on a One-Shot about Jem and Faith, which I'll post once she's finished and I also translated the third chapter of 'Every new Day' today, which I'll send to her next.

I'd be glad, if some of you'd read my ff (and the One-Shot), as I need as much input as I can get to improve the ff itself and my writing in general.
4 Responses
  1. I think it's great that you've posted here. I like your fiction and can't wait to read your one-shot.

  2. Elouise82 Says:

    Welcome to the blog. Don't worry at all about your English (most of us still struggle with it too--ha ha). I'll definitely check out your fiction!

  3. Rachel Says:

    Welcome, the more the merrier! I'm glad we are still growing. I will check out your fics. I was ultimately led to ff.net by mugglenet.com, so it was Harry Potter ff's that got me to LMM ff's in the first place. LOL :)

  4. Yes, welcome. I will send you the next chapter soon, I still haven't beta'd it yet