I don't know how many of you have read A Road to Yesterday but I recently discovered that my library had a copy..So I picked it up along with "Annotated Anne" (Anne of green gables with comments from scholars ect. in the margins) and Across the Miles. I've been thinking a lot lately about Lucy Maude Montgomery in later life and how she wrote some books, including the forced mentions of the Blythes in RTY because she needed the money. And then I came across that passage in Retributions where... ATTN: Spoiler [Highlight next paragraph to read]
Clarissa Wilcox makes the comment about Gilbert and the nurse....
I must say it horrified me a little; I had trouble getting to sleep even. I just wanted to know what anyone else who read it thought...Was it L.M.M. spitefully destroying the picture perfect reputation of her characters? Or was it just a product of the senile Miss. Wilcox's imagination? Or maybe I'm crazy?
What were you're original reactions?
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  1. I think that Clarissa Wilcox is just thinking that because that is how people often think. The book is frightfully forced. Of course, it was thrown together after Maude had passed away. The original for it was "The Blythes Are Quoted." I can email it to you if you want. It's rather forced too though.

  2. Beatle Chic Says:

    I agree with Adrienne. I always figured Clarissa just read more into it than what was really there.

    Adrienne, could you email me that? It sounds interesing. Thanks!

  3. Elouise82 Says:

    I figured it was a sign of how vindictive and spiteful Clarissa was, that she could read something bad into even a man as good as Gilbert.

    And Adrienne, I'd be interested in reading that, too, if you didn't mind adding me to the email list!

  4. When I first read RtY as teenager, I took that story literally and was just devastated to learn that Gilbert had been unfaithful to Anne! In addition to the nurse, doesn't Clarissa also think that there was something between Gilbert and Leslie? That was even more shocking! But upon reading the story again at a later date, I concluded (like everyone else) that Clarissa was overly suspicious and downright crazy.

  5. DylanLeeLo Says:

    I feel better now. I just realized something....Road to Yesterday reminds me so much of the Averils Atonement in a way... It's sad really. But if you ignore those parts it's a pretty nice collection.