What Makes Anne So Different?

Okay, I'm borrowing this question from the Anne 3 forum. (I thought it was a good question and wanted others thoughts on this.)

It's been said often that Gilbert could have had his pick from the Avonlea girls and was even quite popular during the Redmond years with the girls. If that's the case, what do you think would have made Anne so different and special to him if they had been real people?
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  1. lovejag Says:

    I heard this once on a tv show, and I think it fits here. "You don't choose who you fall in love with." There was no choosing on Gilbert's or Anne's part. They were just meant to be.

    Anne was so different from the girls Gil always got attention from. Like all men, they like that attention to a certain point, but in the end his heart always belonged to Anne.

    I personally think the better question to ask is what makes them so perfect for each other?

  2. Rachel Says:

    I believe he "chose" Anne because of her mystique. (I agree with your opinion about not being able to choose who you fall for, lovejag) . All of the other girls paled in comparison to Anne. It was plain to see what they were all about, but Anne was always a challenge. The allure to know exactly what she was thinking kept Gilbert constantly interested. She could clearly think for herself and was highly ambitious in a world where most women were content to just find a husband. I believe like-minded people tend to attract each other. Gilbert found his equal in Anne.

  3. Anne was definitley different from the other girls. To me, Anne and Gilbert were always like minded, and Anne tried very hard not to fall in love with Gilbert Rachel and lovejag are both right. I do believe that there are some people that are just made together. They fit. No one else compared for Anne or Gilbert.

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  4. Beatle Chic Says:

    In the words of Rachel Lynde. . .
    "Providence matched those two up since they were children."

    I think fate played a role in their romance. Both Anne and Gilbert had common goals for their lives; they wanted something more than the ordinary (of their time at least). Gilbert wasn't content on becoming a farmer and Anne wasn't content on becoming a housewife at 18. I think that set them apart from everyone else and why everyone thought or recognized the fact that they belonged together.

    Yet at the same time, they had their own personality differences, which could be why Anne didn't notice her attraction to Gilbert in the beginning. She thought he was like all the others--unromantic and searching for a wife to take care of him and his house and to have loads of children. She under-estimated his quality. But once she realized she did love him, she found out he could be romantic and that he was different from the rest.

    Gilbert, I think, was attracted to Anne from the beginning. Not necessarily from looks, but b/c she was the new girl in town. He wanted to impress her like he did with all the other Avonlea girls. He was use to being the center of attention and a sly prankster. He was popular b/c of his looks and his polite disposition. When Anne came to town, he had to sit up and pay attention, so to speak. She wouldn't give him the time of day and he couldn't figure out why. I think that was start of it all, like lovejag and rachel said--he wanted to know what made her tick. Through that, I think Gilbert gradually grew to love her. I think he liked the fact that Anne never was showy; she was dreamy and delicate, hence something different.

    Overall, I do think that they were opposites, and as the old adage goes, "opposites attract." They complimented each other very well. If they were real people, which to many of us they are, it's quite easy to see how they fell in love.

  5. Caridwen Says:

    Anne was more refined than the other girls. She had lofty ideals and aspired to live up to them. She was more intelligent and philosophical than most of the others, and as some of you have mentioned, her dreaminess and exquisite imagination, were also alluring and set her apart from the "common herd".

    Yet at the same time, Anne was very human. She had a great sense of humour and she didn't set herself above the daily grind of life. I think these are some of the things in her which attracted Gilbert.