Just thought I would let you all know that my fic will be on holidays for a while. I'm sorry if those of you who read it seem to think it's unfair, but I don't have good internet access at home, so I use the school internet. But I finish school for the year today, and will be on holidays as of 1pm this afternoon (Australian Daylight Savings time, Canberra is screwed up with that, believe me). And Elouise82, I'm a sixteen year old who doesn't always have access to her LMM books, so please forgive my writing. I was kinda rushed when I wrote that. And I've also been beta-reading Every New Day by Kslchen. So, I haven't been able to do as much as I wanted to with my fic. Sorry again, but I can't help the holidays, and it's not a winter break, but a Spring/Summer break. School doesn't resume until February next year, which is GREAT!!! I love holidays! And Christmas is coming, and my birthday too! Don't be surprised if you get spasmodic reviews, guys. I'll try and access the net as much as I can, even if I have to book a spot at the public library to do so. Happy holidays (in case I don't update here before Christmas)!!!!!
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  1. Elouise82 Says:

    Enjoy your holidays! The idea of having snow for Christmas probably seems as weird to you as celebrating the holidays in summer does to me:) And don't feel bad about the language thing in your latest chapter, it's always hard to stick with the language of the day, and MUCH easier to pick up on as a reader than a writer. Have a great break!

  2. Thanks!!! Have a good Christmas and all that jazz!!! Hope you get some totally awesome things!!!