Doctor = Teacher??

I just finished watching the Oprah show today where they were talking about heart health and all that fun jazz w/ Dr. Oz. The thing that I found interesting was when he made the comment about how doctors are really teachers of medicine, since doctor in Latin translates to teacher, and that most doctors may be smart but they don't make that "heart to heart" connection w/ their patients.

Which got me to thinking. . .So that's why LMM made Gilbert the wonderful doctor he was (is). He started off as a teacher and then progressed to be a doctor. He's the ideal doctor b/c he cares about people and wants to help take care of them; he makes that "heart to heart" connection w/ his patients. I wonder if many doctors did that back in LMM's time; we could definitely use it more today reguardless. Anyway, just wanted to share my "Ah-Ha!" Moment that I had today.
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