Hey guys...I was reading this book called Canada: a portrait in letters, which is basically a bunch of letters from the 1800's to the present that were written by Canadians and represent a certain piece of Canadian history. And wouldn't you know it but there's a letter from dear old Maud herself in it, written to her friend just after she found out that Anne of Green Gables would be published. She sounds exactly like a character from something she'd write. It's sweet and reading it just made me think of what an inspiration that character has been in my life, along with everything else that branches out from her. I can't believe there was ever a time that she didn't exist. Sad I know...I won't type out the entire letter because it's very long, but I thought I'd just highlight some of the heartwarming bits for your enjoyment...
Cavendish, P.E.I
May 2, 1907.
My dear Mr. W,
We are just in the middle of housecleaning! I fear the statement will be more or less wasted on a mere man. If it were made to a woman she would appreciate the compliment of my sitting down to write her after a day of it. For the past four days I've been scrubbing and whitwashing and digging out old corners and I feel as if all the dust I've stirred up and swept out and washed off has gotten into my soul and settled there and will remain there forever making it hopelessly black and grimy and unwholesome. Of course I know it won't but knowing is such a different thing then believing.
Well I must simply tell you my great news right off! To pretend indifference and try to answer your letter first would be an affection of which I shall not be guilty. I am blatantly pleased and pround and happy and I shan't make any pretence of not being so.
Well, last fall and winter I went to work and wote a book. I didn't squeak a word to anyone about it because I feared desperately I wouldn't find a publisher for it. When I got it finished and typewritten I sent it to the L.C. Page Co. of Boston and a fortnight ago, after two months of suspense, I got a letter from them accepting my book and offering to publish it on the 10-per-cent royalty basis!
Don't stick up your ears now, imagining that the great Canadian novel has been written at last. Nothing of the sort. It is merely a juvenilleish story, ostensibly for girls; but as I found the MS rather interesting while reading it over lately I am not without hope that grown-ups may like it a little. Its title is Anne of Green Gables and the publishers seem to think it will suceed as they want me to go right to work on a sequel to it. I don't know whether I can do that and make it worth while however....
Yours sincerely
L.M. Mongomery
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  1. Beatle Chic Says:

    Ah! That's so sweet and charming! How wonderful to read a letter Maud wrote to a friend about how excited she was that AoGG was going to be published. You can really feel her excitement about it. Thanks for sharing, Dylanleelo!

  2. I like this little picture into the life of Maude.