COI- Chap 17

this is for anyone who wants to read it. the next chapter of children of ingleside. have fun! :)
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  1. Okay - this is a little bit of an off-center question, but I already reviewed. Anyway, your mention of pies - pecan pies to be exact - makes me wonder something. Do you pronounce pecans as pee-cans or (I can't think of the phonetic way to spell it) puh-cons? This is a running argument between the other half and myself.

  2. iffie21 Says:

    I say puh-cons... I think I say pee-cans when I am pretending to be a cowboy(hehe, only happens sometimes---well never but I did say it like that once)

    just wait until the next chapter and see something about the pies...

  3. I say puh-cons too. As well as everyone else I know other than Bart. His parents don't even day it that way! It's just funny. We always tell him that a pee-can is something you take on a long road trip. Anyway, I was wondering about dialexts and such. My evil Linguistics professor of four years ago would be so proud. LOL

  4. iffie21 Says:

    hehhe pee-can-- that is funny, I'll have to remember that one~ good job on your linguistics!