Just so you'all know---- I am house sitting for the next two weeks and pet sitting. They don't have the internet but I am still coming back to my house occasionally. I have some chapters for my stories but it might be awhile before I put them up there.

But while I am spliting my time between the two, I think you girls should update oodles of noodles!
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  1. So, how's the house-sitting going?

  2. iffie21 Says:

    fine---I just miss my own bed! I was sleeping on the couch but it was too uncomfortable so I moved to a bed and the mattress is very hard.

    The dog is nice but she always likes my arm and it tickles so much! Its for the dog that I have to sleep over there--she needs to go outside in the middle of the night and do stuff.

    I will be very glad when I can sleep at home and get some rest. They also have these clocks that tick and they are rather noisy.