The Golden Road

If you haven't read the Golden Road you ought to! It is soo funny, as is The Story Girl! Its not just about Sara Stanley but all about her and her cousins. TGR is especially humorous--the newspaper parts are really making me laugh.

I'm so glad that I did read about the Story girl-- at first I didn't want to because I thought---for some reason--that it would be very boring and I am very glad to find out that I was wrong!
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  1. r6144 Says:

    I have also been re-reading these books these days. I really like this book. It shows the beauty of childhood, compared to which my own childhood seemed very plain and complicated, but it has a different "feel" from other childhood books such as AoGG, AoI, RV, Jane, Pat, Marigold. Similar to PoSB, it focuses more on being beautiful than being interesting, and I can almost breath the beauty of Carlisle scenery and the Story Girl's voice; however, it is a more serene kind of beauty, while Pat's fierce love always raises my blood pressure and makes me feel agitated for hours, which means I can only read it if I don't have much work to do :)

    The ending of The Golden Road is so sad, though---even the ending of AoGG has some cheerful parts. Especially for Cecily. I do hope someone would write a fanfic in which she would not die young.

  2. iffie21 Says:

    I don't know I think that Cecily had to die young... there were so many hints of in the both books, especially at the end of the Golden Road when the story girl is telling everyone's fortunes but she hasn't got a real one from Cecily---except that everyone who meets her will love her. I wish that she didnt die young but I dont know if I could make up one becuase it seems like she was suppose to do die.