Chapter 14

This is chapter 14 of COI-- don't worry-- I'll put up a new family tree after the next chapter--- someone else needs a name first.
4 Responses
  1. This incident reminds me a great deal of how my 6-year-old niece thought people are transported to the afterlife. You're capturing the heart and mind of the young ones splendidly.

  2. iffie21 Says:

    how did she think they got there?

  3. Well, there is a song called "Long Black Train." Anyway, her friend Tanner told her that a train takes you to Hell, and she definatley doesn't want to go to Hell.

    What is a little disconcerting is that my father was a brakeman and conductor on the railroad before he died. I hope she never got it in her head that her grandpa takes people to Hell!

  4. iffie21 Says:

    I hope not too! that's funny how kids get crazy ideas into their heads.