UoS chap 2

Okay I updated Una of Somewhere, I meant to do it earlier but I got stuck painting a bathroom, which was harder than I thought. I had to climb up on the counters and up on the bathtub trying to paint. It was hard too because I didn't want to paint the bathtub or the toilet! Also I'm not that tall, good thing I pretty flexible. It was funny though because I wasn't paying attention and I spilled paint all over myself and on the floor! But I cleaned it up but then I accidently sat on the lid of the paint. It was exciting.

Anyways, I'll update CoI as soon as I figure out what the girls are going to do to Gilbert. Anyone have any good ideas?
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  1. Beatle Chic Says:

    Enjoyed your new Una chapter!

    Sounds like you're having and experiencing the joys of painting! ;)