hey gurls....I was hoping to pop out another chapter of child of idlewild and I was almost finished it when I realised, it wasn't right at all. And now I am going away for two weeks to new york city then nova scotia so it won't be updated until at least mid august. It's a flashback chapter... and I know it's been long in the coming but I've been lazy and I really wanted to get to the chapter that comes after it and I wasn't looking forward to writing this one at all, so major procrastination has been a factor..

On a completely unrelated note... This canadian channel is doing a documentary on the canadian perspective of world war one and anyone who is a decendent of a canadian world war one soldier can participate. What a research opportunity for all you Rilla of Ingleside fan fickers! Here's the link in canse anyone was interested... http://www.greatwar.ca/preview_poster_content.html

Bye bye everyone
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  1. :: sniffle :: I wish you would update soon, I love your fic so much!!!!

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