An Anne Timeline

If you ladies haven't ever checked out this site, it is pretty interesting. This fellow used "clues" from all of the Anne books to create maps of Avonlea, Glen St. Mary, etc as well as a timeline for Anne and her children. This may help the Marilla age debate, although there is still some contradicting evidence!
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  1. iffie21 Says:

    I've seen it before and I think it basically proves that Marilla's age is disputable. I'd just pick one and go with it.

  2. geeruby Says:

    Perhaps she is rounding up? Or down? Sometimes I say, "In my twenty years on this earth..." even though I've been around for 23 and am really too young to be talking like such an old fogie...

  3. iffie21 Says:

    she could be..... aaah this is so confusing. Maybe Maud just forgot how old she made Marilla in one story and made her another age in a different story. I've seen examples of authors doing that before, mainly on accident. (If you have ever read the three musketeers, you'll know what I'm talking about) Anyway, its not a significant difference (I just heard this crazy lecture about sig figs...hehe)

  4. I've used this site a lot before. Doing my own calculations in my head, I believe that I agree with most of the timeline. It's what I've based my fics on, though I've started adding to it so that I can remember my own facts.

  5. i have to run in & comment just because i've pondered on such matters, too. that is an excellent website - but i agree with ingrid that lmm was confused about the ages. she gets pretty confused about time - witness shirley turning 18 and enlisting the same year Rilla is 18, or the fact that she skipped a year or two in Anne of Ingleside (if you count the seasons and correspondence to age changes.) in fact, i think that website notes the age difference in his derivation and said he just picked one.

    i've drawn up my own timelines, too, ... there are fuzzy areas. i think it just gives us fanfic writers artistic license :)

  6. LMM has always been a bit fuzzy on people's ages. I think when Montgomery originally wrote the books they were to have taken place in the 1900s, but then WWI came and Montgomery wanted to write something taking place in it. There was some book (I forget the name-The Anne of Green Gables Treasury, or something like that) that has a timeline and an article explaining it.