Una Meredith

I was wondering how you pronounced Una's name. Like You-Na or more like Ooooh-na, like the spanish word uno. Personally I have always thought it was more ooohna but my sister thinks it more like Youna, so what do you girls think? How do you pronounce her name? It might really be Youna. English people pronounce Maria like Ma-wry-a as opposed to Ma-reee-a. I must say that pronounciation is a hard thing to type out but let me know what you think.
4 Responses
  1. geeruby Says:

    It's apparently a traditional Scottish name that should be pronounced "oo-na," I was told.

  2. Here's the website that explains the name Una.


  3. ingrid Says:

    I like how it might come from the word for lamb. that makes sense. It can also mean unity

  4. LOL! I guess we could all learn the phonetic alphabet! No really though, I think that Una's name fits her perfectly.