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Okay I was thinking about the questions that Adrienne posted yesterday or the day before and I decided that I would try to create a fanfic. Now I am not really a writer, though I am related to some famous ones, but I thought since you all love them and write them, I might as well try to write one. Anways, it is posted and its called Children of Ingleside, I couldn't really think of a better name.. I am sort of going off of what I made up when I was 11 but we shall see how it turns out. Anways let me know what you think of it and what needs to be fixed. Thanks~
5 Responses
  1. You had Shirley marry Josie Pye's daughter!? That's almost blasphemous! LOL, I do like this though, don't get me wrong. I'm interested to see what sort of story you're weaving. Also, having Gilbert's favorite child marry Roy Gardner Junior was a very gutsy move. Sorry, I caught a typo in my first comment.

  2. geeruby Says:

    Good for you! I am going to go read it now.

  3. iffie21 Says:

    thanks guys, i hope you'll continue to like it, this is harder than I thought~ I really understand what you meant Ruby you when you said that it was hard to write about so many characters. So i think this will have to focus mainly on the girls.

  4. DylanLeeLo Says:

    what do you mean you're not a writer?!?...You managed to introduce me to like 20 new people and set up your story without any onset of boredom...that takes talent.

  5. iffie21 Says:

    thank you dylanleelo I appreciate it