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I just thought I should let all of you know that I haven't been able to access my account on ff.net for almost a week and a half. I have, however, been able to read all your stories, since I get updates on my yahoo account. I tried reveiwing a number of times, but the site os giving me a lot of trouble. So I thought I'd post my reviews here:

Comfort and Joy: Amazing! I love the twists this story is taking. Your portrayal of Walter's and Katie's love story is unique, yet very true to the LMM style of writing! I love it.

Rilla-my-Rilla: I am in love with your work. You've written the Di-Jack story so beautifully! I can't help being an excited, romance-crazed teenager, talking and writing in italics! Your story (and Nan of the Island) do that to me.

Nan of the Island: You have captured Nan perfectly. You know her better than any other ff writer. The scenes with Jerry make my heart truly, really, flutter. I'm just mad about your fic, and can't wait to read more.

Another Day Without You: Perfect. There's no other word for it. You bring about the Faith-Jem chemistry really well, and I'm waiting in desperation for more!

Faith's Journey: I have loved this story from the very beginning. I am glad you updated. I like your latest chapter a lot. I hadn't thought much of the LSC myself, and I'm glad Faith is coming around to my point of view! :)

As for The Minister's Daughter, I have almost finished the 5th chapter. I will be posting it here first thing tomorrow (or today, if possible).
The Monsoons (continuous rains in most parts of India every year, from early June through October) were delayed this year. In Mumbai, particularly, they were supposed to arrive around the 10th of June. However, they did arrive only on the 18th of this month. I owe my writer's block entirely to the heat, and so, with the rains, my inspiration returned. While most people prefer sunshine to rain, we Indians love it when it rains. That is part of the reason why my heart is filled with a mad, irrational exilheration. The rains make me a crazy romantic, and i begin to speak and write in italics.
Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to read more.
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