If any of you had a book published, I dont' know if you already have one or not, but you would use your real name or a nom de plume? And why?
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  1. I imagine that I would use my real name. I like it, and I'm proud of who I am.

  2. Blythetwin Says:

    My own name, otherwise I don't think people would believe it is me! I am not even sure why people use a nom de plume at all, other than with fanfics.

  3. geeruby Says:

    The only reason I'd ever use a pen name is because I plan on being a lawyer and working in politics and I don't think the kind of book I'd write would fit with that image! If I had to use a pseudo, I'd probably use Catherine Cory, which is my first and middle name. Or else Ruby Gillis -- even for something other than ff.

  4. LOL, I wasn't even sly enough to have a pen name here! Everyone knows my first and middle name. I would use maybe Adrienne Scott (maiden name)and keep my annonymity a little bit...

  5. iffie21 Says:

    lane is your middle name?