Children of Ingleside

After an exciting yet uneventful trip to the cabinet store and learning that my class tonight was canceled, I've pumped out another chapter of my story. Adrienne really insipred me because of her work on Nan of Island, which I am able about to go read and review. I hope all of you update soon! Ruby I love your new chapter of Habour Light and I hope to see Anne of Glen and Rilla my Rilla updated soon!
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  1. ingrid Says:

    okay I updated again, so I hope you like it and I hope it can satiate you guys for a a little while because I don't know when I'll have time to update again, my class ends next thursday but I have give a speech on Tuesday, so we'll see. last night I had a dream about my story which was weird but iteresting, and everybody's stories were in it too.. it was quite interesting